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The Welcome Organisation

The Welcome Organisation has been working in Belfast for the last 15 years to address the needs of people who are homeless or rough sleeping in the city. We aim to support people in making the move off the street, progressing towards independent living and alleviating isolation — providing a sense of belonging and community.

The image of homelessness — the drunken man lying in the street, sunken cheeked men and women railing against imaginary voices, the mentally ill or simply the perception a person who ‘chooses’ to be homeless are all stereotypical. Images most of us are probably guilty of having and while not entirely false, represent only a very small number of homeless people.

In reality, most of the homeless people the Welcome Organisation support are just people who have fallen on hard times for one reason or another. A range of events such as relationship breakdown, divorce, financial pressures, ill health or the stresses caused by a combination of events can be the catalyst in causing havoc in the lives of ordinary people. People who do not choose to be homeless, are not lazy and are not alcohol or drug dependent.

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