Housekeeping Volunteering


As you can probably imagine the centre needs daily maintenance to keep it running. Everything from filing, hoovering and sorting donations is necessary to ensure the centre is operational. No job is too small!


Housekeeping Volunteering is varied but by no means less important or vital than the other services we deliver. Volunteering in the Kitchen is split into a number of roles:

  • Laundry

    • Assisting service users with laundering their clothes & sleeping bags. Maintaining the laundry room and ensuring good hygiene. 

  • Clothing Orders & Toiletries Store

    • Clients who sleep rough often need their clothes replaced and to be provided with basic necessities such as toothpaste, shaving kits, underwear, sanitary towels and clean clothes. This requires daily tidying and sorting donations.

  • Luggage Store 

    • Clients who sleep rough are able to store some of their belongings in our Luggage Store. Items such as clothes, valuables, sleeping bags etc can be sorted and stored. Volunteers can help us by assisting service users when they require access to their belongings and help with finding things.