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Opening Eyes on Homelessness


Opening Eyes On Homelessness is a campaign which aims to highlight the serious issue of homelessness in Belfast.

We have partnered up with Belfast Live and they are calling on their readers to get involved and help make a positive difference to the work we do.


Your donation to Belfast Live's Opening Eyes On Homelessness campaign will help fund a new Street Outreach vehicle for Welcome that will be able to provide medical support to the most vulnerable on the streets of Belfast.


You can donate here

Homeless in Belfast - men and women who have slept on the streets open up about their experiences

From women dressing like men to make themselves feel safer, to others turning to substances to dull the pain of sleeping on the streets - these are the experiences of the homeless in Belfast.

Belfast Live spoke to a number of men and women who have slept rough on the streets of the city.


In their own heartbreaking words, they describe how vulnerable they feel when forced to spend the night on the street:

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