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The Welcome Organisation provides homeless support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year across our services:

Drop-in centre

Our Drop-in Centre is open from 8am-6pm, 365 days per year. People affected by homelessness have free access to:

Hot meals | Tea and coffee | Showers | Toilets | Internet | Laundry facilities |  Advice | Health support | Referrals to a GP through the Belfast Inclusion Health Service

Street Outreach

Our Street Outreach teams are on the streets of greater Belfast from 7am to 2am every day of the year. 


Our Outreach staff and volunteers are trained to provide potentially life-saving care and support for people on the street. 

If you see someone sleeping rough and you're concerned about them give our teams a call on 078 9493 1047 (7am-2am) or

078 5124 6814 (2pm-2am).

Crisis Accommodation for Women

Our Crisis Accommodation for Women provides shelter for some of the most vulnerable women in Belfast.

Annsgate is a five-bed crash facility based used by women with multiple and complex problems that include homelessness, substance misuse and mental ill health.

Floating Support

Our Floating Support service is for people who have been homeless but have now accessed accommodation.


Our Floating Support will make regular visits to the people who use the service to ensure they have everything they need in place to retain their tenancies and to turn a house into a home 

Mobile Health Unit

Our Mobile Health Unit brings homeless healthcare to people affected by homelessness 'where they are at'.


We are working alongside homeless healthcare professionals who use the vehicle to provide are range of services such as drop-in clinics at hostels, vaccine boosters, sexual health checks, hepatitis checks, ‘on the ground’ healthcare and more.

Read more about the Mobile Health Unit here.

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