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Donations Winter 2018

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to organise a donation appeal for Welcome as we enter the winter months. Donations of money, clothing, food and toiletries are invaluable to us. We couldn't deliver the level of service we do without your support.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the public and given our limited storage space there are a few items that we are sadly are unable to take at the moment. Rather than have a wasted journey to us please check the list below before donating your items.

What we can accept

Sleeping Bags

Food and drink: Coffee | Sugar | Salt | Pepper | Vinegar | Canned Vegetables | Sauce mixes – curry, gravy | Cooking Oil | Ketchup/brown sauce | Mayonnaise | Cereals (Cornflakes, Crunchy Nut, Frosties, etc) | Rice | Biscuits/sweets Butter | Cheese | Tins of chopped tomatoes

Tomato puree | Mustard

Kitchen: Disposable coffee cups with lids | Mugs | Cutlery (preferably teaspoons) | Laundry tablets | Washing up liquid | Bathroom cleaning products  Tea Towels | Tin Foil | Cling Film Bleach 

Male Clothing: Underwear (new) | Winter Coats | Jeans/jogging bottoms | Trainers | T-shirts Hoodies | Fleeces 

Female Clothing: Pyjamas | Underwear (new) | Winter Coats | Jeans/jogging bottoms Trainers/boots | T-shirts  | Hoodies | Fleeces 

Unisex clothing: Gloves | Socks 

Toiletries (male and female): Shaving foam | Razors | Shampoo | Deodorant | Shower Gel | Toilet roll | Hand soap | Wipes | Hand Sanitiser  

Misc: Towels | Vouchers for coffee shops/clothes shops | Cinema vouchers | Backpacks Combs/brushes

What we can't accept

Duvets | Pillows | Bed clothes

Food and drink: Tea | Porridge

Clothing: Suits | Dress shirts | Dress shoes | Dress trousers | Children’s clothing | Ripped or soiled clothing/sleeping bags | Light coats | Summer dresses | Skirts | Belts | Ties | Slippers Nightdresses 

Toiletries: Toothpaste | Toothbrushes | Sanitary towels | Soap | Tissues

Misc: Handbags | Children’s toys

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