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Thank you Sandra

Sandra Moore CEO is retiring after 12 years of service to The Welcome Organisation.

During her time with The Welcome Organisation, Sandra has grown what was a small operation in an old building at the back of St Peter’s Cathedral into one of Belfast’s leading charities for tackling homelessness while still staying true to our ethos of providing unconditional and non-judgmental care to the thousands of people who have needed us over the years.

Sandra has worked tirelessly in the housing and homelessness sector for over 40 years, including 30 years with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and in 2017 Sandra was awarded an MBE for services to tackling homelessness.

Sandra’s dedication and passion for working with the most marginalised groups has been an inspiration to so many within The Welcome Organisation and beyond.

Thank you Sandra for your leadership, your passion and your dedication to The Welcome Organisation. You are an inspiration to us all and you will be missed.

We hope you have a happy and peaceful retirement.

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