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Welcome continues to support the homeless during pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic we are continuing to deliver our services for people affected by homeless.

We continue to:

• work closely with the NIHE to ensure that every homeless person in Belfast is accommodated

• provide weekly food parcels to people in accommodation with cooking facilities

• deliver meals twice a day to those in accommodation without cooking facilities.

• provide a laundry service twice a week for people in accommodation without washing machines

• provide toiletries and clothes to those who need them

We are also working closely with our partners in drug addiction services and mental health and we continue to provide on-going support and encouragement to people who are finding the isolation difficult.

Our Outreach Teams are (as always) out on the streets of Belfast engaging with new presenters and delivering potentially life-saving support to people affected by homelessness.

If you see anyone sleeping rough or out on the streets and in difficulty, please call our Outreach Team on 07894931047

Thank you for your support.

Take care and stay safe.

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